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We're giving away 12 months of remote escape room parties, indoor skydiving, surfing and rock climbing sessions. 3 grand prizes, 10 raffle prizes and unlimited remote escape room discounts available to all competition entrants
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Indoor Skydiving
Indoor Surfing
Rock climbing
Remote escape rooms
Entry Reward
The first 50 entrants will be rewarded a 75% discount to book an escape room experience. All other entrants will get a 25% off coupon. 
6 VIP escape room parties for you and 9 friends plus 12 indoor skydiving, rock climbing and indoor surfing sessions post lockdown.
1st Prize 
25 tickets to book an escape room experience of your choosing and 12 indoor skydiving sessions.
2nd Prize 
A 4 hour remote party with escape room, wine tasting, quiz and surprise entertainers for you and up to 50 of your friends.
3rd Prize 
10 lucky winners will be selected randomly to win 3 escape room experiences for them and 3 friends. 
This competition is brought to you by Twinwoods Adventure - an adventure entertainment destination in Bedford, UK.  For more information or to book your next adventure, visit our website (click here)
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"I was a bit sceptical about doing this but once we were set up on Zoom, the host made everything clear and it turned out to be a breeze and a good laugh. Good escape from the daily boredom at the moment, and would be fun to do anyway!" - Tobias 
"I was incredibly surprised at exactly how involving it was. It did draw you into an experience in a way other forms of entertainment are unable to. The reference materials and the fact clues came up in your inventory immediately worked very well too". - Rob
"Loved how the essence of the escape rooms was brought into a the digital world and how you are able to direct a person from anywhere you may be, to unravel the mysteries of the game. Unique experience. Totally recommended". - Joel 

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ADDITIONAL PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT: Earn 30 competition points and you'll unlock an exclusive bonus prize (the bonus prize will be sent via email when you earn 30 points)
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